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Dr. Fardad Forouzanpour received his Bachelor degree in Biology from UCLA.  After completing his pre-medial education, he attended Midwestern University in Chicago for his medical education.

His clinical and surgical studies enforced his passion for human anatomy and the surgical field.  After completing his Surgical residency in General Surgery and Trauma Surgery he developed a special interested in cosmetic surgery and body reconstruction.

Following his residency, Dr. Fardad Forouzanpour gained acceptance to a general cosmetic surgery fellowship in Chicago under former President of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Dr Richard Caleel and to be followed in Beverly Hills, California with Dr. Bernard Koire.

In 1998, Dr. Fardad Forouzanpour founded The Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgical Group. The Practice specializes in breast augmentations, lifts & reductions, eyelash transplants, rhinoplasties, liposuctions / liposculpture, abdominoplasties, labioplasty and more.

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Dr. Fardad Forouzanpour is an exceptionally talented surgeon. He is very thorough and has very high standards. What sets him apart is his great heart and caring personality. I highly recommend him with much confidence to everyone.

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Boarded Certified Surgeon

Boarded Certified Surgeon

As a Boarded certified surgeon, Dr. Fardad Forouzanpour and his staff are dedicated to providing their patients with the highest standard of care along with utmost personal attention and privacy in a safe and comfortable environment. Dr. Fardad Forouzanpour is one of the few physicians in southern california authorized by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery to operate and offer a Fellowship Program to train other surgeons to perform cosmetic surgery.

After few years of private practice, he designed “the Umbilical Locator”, a surgical device to allow surgeons to locate the belly button during tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) procedures.

Media Medical Advisor Affliations

Over the years, Dr. Fardad Forouzanpour was featured as a medical advisor / editor for a number of aesthetic and beauty magazines.  He was also featured on:

Dr Fardad Forouzanpour Media Affiliations

Dr. Fardad Forouzanpour Demonstrates a CoolSculpting Procedure for E-News TV Segment.

Infinity Teeth Whitening Treatment Performed by Dr. Fardad Forouzanpour Featured on KNBC 4

Safe Passage Program and Life Makeovers for Abuse Victims for Fox 11 News Segment.

Telemundo TV Segment (In Spanish) of Dr. Forouzanpour Explaning CoolSculpting Procedure and Contouring Results.

CoolSculpting Demonstration at the Beverly Hills office for Theodore Leaf of the Dirty Little Beauty Secrets Show.

Dr. Fardad Forouzanpour Demonstrates a CoolSculpting Procedure for the Wellness Hour TV Segment.

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Dr Fardad Forouzanpour

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of the Abdomen Book

As an attest to his expertise in body contouring and his surgical skills, he was invited to author a chapter in a surgical book, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of the Abdomen in 2015.

Dr. Fardad Forouzanpour is very involved philanthropically.  Following in his late father’s footsteps, Dr. Fardad Forouzanpour regularly donates his medical & surgical services to those in need.  Most recently, he worked with the domestic violence charity, Safe Passage, and provides free surgical makeovers to abuse victims.

Dr Fardad Forouzanpour

Dr. Fardad Forouzanpour believes that attention to details and having an eye for aesthetic beauty are essential for enhancing and creating a beautiful face and body. Over the past 12years he has been teaching and training other surgeons the art of aesthetic surgery. He is one of the few surgeons that offer a fellowship program in cosmetic surgery sponsored by American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.

Professional Society Affiliations

Dr. Fardad Forouzanpour Professional Affiliations

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