Lip Augmentation

A woman’s full, soft pouty lips convey an image of youth and sensuality. The desire for shapely youthful fuller lips has forced large member of women to seek cosmetic surgeons.

Several techniques are available to enlarge thin lips and obtain larger and fuller lips. The most common procedure performed to augment the lip line is injection of variety of available fillers into the lips. This technique requires minimum down time and return to normal daily activities on the same day after the injections. The filler products used for lip augmentation include removal of fat from other parts of the body and injection into the lips, use of human or bovine collagen, synthetic products such as Juvederm, Restylan Captique and insertion of implants.

Lip Augmentation Before & After Photos

(Please note that results may vary from patient to patient)

lip-augmentation-2-before lip-augmentation-2-after

lip-augmentation-1-before lip-augmentation-1-after